Xura, Inc. “Xura” Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”)

Revision date: September 28th, 2015

Use of the Forge SDK and Forge SMS Services is subject to this AUP. The Forge SDK and Forge SMS Services may not be used by any party for any illegal or abusive manner or any in way that interferes with another party. Customer is responsible for ensuring that Forge SDK and Forge SMS Services are not used for any of the prohibited purposes below. This list is an example only, and is not exhaustive:

  • gaining, or attempting to gain, unauthorized access to any system that does not belong to Customer;
  • causing any unauthorized or unapproved modification of any system belonging to Xura (or its suppliers), another Customer or any other system on the Internet;
  • transmitting or storing any material that violates any intellectual property rights or any applicable laws, rules, or regulations;
  • violating the privacy rights of others, including, without limitation, the collection of information about individuals without their knowledge or consent, except as allowed by applicable law;
  • sending SPAM, or any unsolicited communications or messages in violation of applicable laws;  
  • transmitting or storing any material that is unlawful, obscene, harassing, libelous, abusive or hateful; that encourages unlawful acts; or that may be interpreted as violating the civil rights of others;
  • engaging in malicious or fraudulent activity;
  • transmitting or storing material that in the reasonable judgment of Xura, exposes Xura to unreasonable risk of legal liability;
  • transmitting viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or other harmful or malicious programs
  • reverse engineering, disassembling or decompiling the Forge SDK and Forge SMS Services;
  • attempting to bypass security controls, including, without limitation, by installation of programs or services that allow the systems to be managed or accessed insecurely or through unauthorized means;
  • gaining, or attempting to gain, unauthorized access to  networking, security, management, backup, storage or monitoring systems;
  • installing programs or configuring systems to allow the monitoring, or “sniffing,” of data traveling over a shared network;
  • accessing, or attempting to access, security-relevant information, such as password files that may, among other things, be used to gain unauthorized access to system accounts; or
  • installing or using software for the purpose of cracking encrypted data, including, without limitation, stored passwords

Customer is also prohibited from assisting any persons in using the Forge SDK and Forge SMS Services to engage in any of the activities listed above. If Customer becomes aware of any such activity, Customer must promptly notify Xura of the detection of a violation or potential violation.


Xura will fully cooperate with civil and criminal enforcement authorities conducting investigations of allegedly unlawful or prohibited use of the Xura Service. Xura may also investigate any suspected or alleged violation of this AUP.

In the event Customer breaches this AUP, Xura, at its option, may immediately terminate or suspend the Xura Service. In addition, Xura has the right to seek legal remedies for any damages that may be incurred as a result of a violation of this AUP.


Xura has no obligation to monitor, review, or edit any material and does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information contained therein.

Violations of this AUP shall be reported to Xura at: forge.legal@xura.com 

Xura reserves the right to amend, alter, or modify this AUP at any time. Any amendment or modification is effective when posted and any use of the Forge SDK and Forge SMS Services after the posting of a modification or amendment will be considered acceptance of those modifications.