With global SMS coverage, forge allows businesses to send time-critical, confidential and secure messages to their customers, partners and staff globally on any device.

two factor authentication

Xura's two-factor authentication service offers a high degree of security for a broad spectrum of application scenarios. By sending an SMS code over a separate mobile channel, a company can better verify a user's identity. Mobile TAN procedures (mTAN) are regularly used in e-banking services worldwide to further verify entry and access permissions.


2fa diagram

secure messaging

Multi-encrypted interface connection (e.g., SSL, VPN, MPLS) with a dedicated data-protection officer as well as dedicated technical data-security officer on staff. We utilize PCI/DSS, ITIL standards, and BSI IT-Grundschutz in Germany. Procedural directory compliant with §4 of the Federal Data Protection Act and the confidentiality obligation under §5 of the Federal Data Protection Act. Regularly audited by regulatory agencies.

standard protocol support

The forge platform supports all standard protocols: SMPP, UCP, HTTP/S, and email. We also support dynamic or fixed sender IDs, local time stamps and delivery notifications. We provide quality-, cost-, and security-optimized routing over 1,500 connects worldwide, giving businesses and consumers peace-of-mind.

unicode support

Send SMS in any language and alphabet. forge correctly formats, sends and receives messages containing characters from the Unicode standard set. We also support GSM 7-bit and UCS2 coding.

concatenated messages

Enable messages of any length to be sent. Our system smartly splits and sends your long messages to carriers so that they are joined (concatenated) into one message once received on the user’s handset.

two-way SMS

Our two-way SMS gateway enables you to send and receive text messages to and from your mobile and web applications. Incorporation of SMS short codes enables the scheduling of automatic response to messages that are received on your apps registered short code. Availability varies by region.

automated communication

Schedule when messages should be sent to users or groups of users. The forge platform provides address-book and trigger functionality, so that messages can be sent to the right recipients, based on calendar time or other API triggers.

reports and management

Receive access to sophisticated activity logs, comprehensive reports and tracking via the forge cockpit. From here, businesses can also monitor CRM channels, upload data for mass mailing and evaluate program performance.