Deploying IP Messaging for users on Smartphones provides a rich, cost-effective solution. forge's SMS Fall-Back feature allows companies to send via SMS if the IP message does not reach the user.

customize communications

Send and receive messages to and from a user's mobile number, rather than by notifying or communicating with your apps users through generic app notifications.

large message size

Send messages of virtually any size, instantly from your web-based application while receiving delivery assurance no matter the message size.

fallback to SMS

Receive assurance that your message is delivered. With fallback to SMS, users will receive messages sent to their handset via SMS, in the event that IP delivery fails due to the device being offline or out-of-network at the time.

message retrieval archive

Messages are backed up in the forge cloud and synced across apps and devices, eliminating storage issues and enabling developers and users to access and manage messages from multiple devices.

mobile SDK

To add rich B2B and B2C communication capabilities to mobile and web apps, the forge SDK fits the bill. Companies can quickly deploy seamless services, such as presence-enabled click-to-video chat and group messaging.