fuseMe by Xura app can be customized by color and communication feature and helps to improve communications efficiency for employees and partners. Think WhatsApp + Skype for enterprise.

use our app

Make it simple, let us focus on the technology while you focus on your customer. Customize the multi-screen messaging app to quickly begin engaging with your audience or customers.

customize with your branding

Customize the app for your brand and your audience by offering an advanced OTT communication application.

engaging user experience

Enable your users to receive both SMS and IP-based messaging in the same app for a more satisfying and productive experience.

readily available for iOS and Android

Develop native apps quickly in standard programming languages for both Android or iOS operating systems, and all major web browsers.

quickly add messaging to your apps

Build customized messaging directly into your apps using our mobile SDK. No need to change your choice of hardware or software platforms.

runs with background support

While users operate other applications on their devices, the forge client stays working in the background and will notify the users of messaging or calls.