web r t c award 2014

WebRTC is a game-changing technology that enables voice, video, and content sharing via web and mobile apps. The service can be made available as voice/video or IP messaging only, or as a suite of services.

smart communication

Presence-based routing helps define the agent/department/location, according to pre-configured preferences (presence, time of day).


WebRTC media is secured using best-of-breed DTLS-SRTP protocols. Messaging takes place using REST API's and Web Socket-based controls, using HTTPS (TLS)

scalable, cloud-based solution

Secured by the Amazon VPS (Virtual Private Cloud) environment, with Linux firewall rules, to ensure communication takes place as intended. We also offer private cloud deployments, based on customer requirements.

mobile SDK

To add rich B2B and B2C communication capabilities to mobile and web apps, the forge SDK fits the bill. Companies can quickly deploy seamless services, such as presence-enabled click-to-video chat and group messaging.


Our SDK enables recording of voice, video, presence updates, and messaging. Recordings are stored in a flexible, secure way so that they can be used for auditing, training and archiving. Our API lets you control which parts (voice/video/presence updates/messaging) of your conversation(s) are recorded.

flexible suite of services, available à la carte

Audio & Video Session Control | Presence | Instant Messaging | Document Sharing/ File transfer | SMS Messaging | Group Messaging | Recording and More... Our SDK supports a broad range of iPhone and Android devices as well as Javascript.


Protect your customers better with heightened authentication. Check out our 2FA ibook to learn how