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The Mobile Imperative

Why Mobile Matters in the Changing Digital World

The Mobile Imperative

With ever-more powerful mobile devices everywhere, and new, pioneering digital services available at our fingertips every day, people are never far from their touchscreen to connect and communicate. With this shift in digital communication, exploiting the value of mobility is never been more important… but how?

  • If your customer is “living” in the mobile channel – how can you connect with them?
  • How will you harness the flexibility and power of mobility to increase profitability?
  • What user experience will you deliver to guarantee loyalty and drive revenues?
With this shift in digital communication, exploiting the value of mobility is never been more important… but how?

Simplifying Communication

The Acision Enterprise Gameplan helps you think about mobile communication in a structured way, and clarify the opportunities that are relevant to your business. It’s a reference framework that outlines the potential of mobility solutions today, giving inspiration for creating an effective strategy, innovation and solution development – and demonstrates to you how Acision can help you get there!

A reference framework that outlines the potential of mobility solutions today, giving inspiration for creating an effective strategy, innovation and solution development.

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Today's enterprise demands:

  • Global communications tools supported 24/7
  • Secure mobile applications
  • Messaging solutions but also voice applications from a single provider
  • Flexible business models
  • Seamless consumer experience

A mobile strategy is more
than just a technology

forge by Acision

Acision Enterprise provides a comprehensive suite of communication capabilities from a carrier-grade infrastructure. We have a twenty-year history of delivering international messaging platform solutions with unrivalled expertise. Our highly interactive, high-availability services are backed-up by our industry renowned infrastructure and a global support and security network, along with platform APIs and SDKs, we are now opening up to you through our Enterprise.

forge by Acision

Our intelligent, enterprise-driven digital solutions enable operators and enterprises to increase engagement, interaction and reach with key stakeholders (employees and customers), while optimising sales opportunities, through a multi-channel (SMS, IP messaging, video, voice, etc) communication approach.

We offer a unique portfolio of secure and scaled connectivity services, alongside a flexible communication framework, which enables businesses of all sizes to actively build and manage customer and employee direct dialogue and communication via the mobile device - no matter if they are on mobile network services (SMS or MMS) or IP, over-the-top (OTT) services.

Our communication platform extends engagement beyond traditional mobile CRM and marketing methods to help drive efficiency, visibility, loyalty and interactivity while building brand value.

Acision Enterprise provides a comprehensive suite of secure and scalable connectivity and communication services from a carrier-grade infrastructure.

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Did you know consumers can now click-to-call from a website with WebRTC?

Single touch communications across desktop, laptops and mobile device is the new way to communicate

With Acision you can easily integrate any type of communication into your mobile strategy – all through our open API and SDK’s.

Jargon Buster


API: Application Programming Interface

SDK: Software Development Kit

IP: Internet Protocol

IM: Instant Messaging


The Age of Consumer

Adapting to the New Digital World

The Age of Consumer

Thanks to mobile and smartphone technology, people are becoming increasingly accustomed to accessing any information they want, at any time, whatever the context.

Nowadays, effectively everyone has a phone that links to the latest app and can receive mobile messages, and these messages and open communication dialogue is where the power lies.

Age of the Consumer

Source: Forrester Research

Mobile use growth in 2013, led by messaging and apps*


91% of people today read their mobile messages within 15 minutes of receiving them. Furthermore, 78% of people keep their phone within arm’s reach for more than 10 hours a day.* People have become highly responsive to their mobile devices, and ever more so as the value and utility of those devices has increased. The Digital Age is Upon Us in Full Force!

In fact, the desire to use mobile devices at all times is so great that the last few years have seen a massive growth in “bring your own device” (BYOD). Rather than using the laptops and other equipment provided by their employers, people have taken to buying the latest devices for themselves and using them for work and play – this connectivity and access to apps makes users and customers more responsive, and decision-making quicker – meaning a more productive, sales orientated business.

Enterprises want:

  • More sophisticated, secure and reliable communications
  • More effective, targeted mobile messaging
  • Lower costs
  • New avenues to reach customers
  • More engaged and loyal customers

mCommerce is also growing at an exponential rate and people are engaging with mobile services in ways that would, until recently, have seemed extraordinary. For example, one third of people would now happily use mobile for highly personal messaging, such as communicating with their financial institution or sharing medical symptoms with their doctor. Half would make or confirm travel plans. And one quarter of people consider special offers and promotions to be the most valuable information to receive from businesses via text message.*

* "Enterprise Messaging: Powering Customer Engagement Through Mobile Messaging", Informa UK Ltd, January 2014

1 in 2 would make travel plans

1 in 3 would share their symptoms or other medical information with their doctor

1 in 3 would communicate with their financial institution

1 in 4 rated special offers and promotions as he most valuable information to receive from business via text

*Infinite Convergence 2013 Mobile Messaging trends

48% of people communicate with business via mobile messaging, and 45% routinely use mobile messaging for business correspondence, especially SMS. Overwhelmingly, over 1.4 trillion application-to-person SMS messages were transacted in 2013, and this will grow to 2.19 trillion messages by 2018**. There are now countless applications of mobile communications technology across industry, from insurance to retail and from travel to banking.

** Ovum

read mobile messaging within 15 minutes of receiving a notification
are within arm’s reach of their mobile phone for more than 10 hours a day
would communicate via mobile messaging for business if it was personalised
use mobile messaging for business correspondence and, of these, 90% use SMS most often to communicate to colleagues

*Infinite Convergence 2013 Mobile Messaging Trends

Moreover, user behaviour and industry innovation is advancing at such a rapid rate that these numbers will almost certainly be out of date very soon. With people using their mobile devices in even more rewarding and engaging ways every day for work and play – what more can you do to capitalize on this revolution and how do you overcome the challenge of all the options on offer and build an effective go to market plan?

Consumerisation of IT is opening up new opportunities for all business

As consumers carry out more and more complex tasks on mobile, what is clear is that not only should business embrace this opportunity to better engage with the users, but they need to work with communication providers that can support a wide range of platforms – from SMS to IP (including voice and chat).

Market Dynamics

  • Consumers shift to mobile everything
  • BYOD in the enterprise
  • Growth in app usage
  • Enterprises building their own communications ecosystem
  • OTT, Voice and Messaging – all relevant in today’s digital world
  • Messaging (SMS) is still a killer app (with growth in A2P, etc.)

Messaging/social apps for example saw the most growth in 2013 (203%*), but other app categories did as well, too. For instance, the Utilities and Productivity apps category posted 149% year-on-year growth, signalling how smartphones and tablets are becoming users’ personal computers. Additionally, as mobile users themselves become more sophisticated in the content and services they want, they are looking for tools that help them make more out of their mobile devices. Rather than just using phones and tablets for basics services like web search, maps, email and gaming, users are starting to move toward more complex applications as personal computer usage declines. By opening up the ecosystem and being unrestricted to new ideas, much greater success can be achieved in the long run.

*Flurry analytics

BYOD is happening whether we like it or not with 44 percent of organizations already allowing BYOD

TechRepublic’s BYOD Business Strategy Survey

Acision can help guide you through this information overload and provide the services that will help you make the most your of your business.

Jargon Buster


OTT: Over-the-Top

A2P: Application-to-person

BYOD: Bring your own device

6 in 10 young bank and building society customers are demanding interactive real time customer service messaging.


Getting Fully Engaged

Living in a Responsive World

Getting Fully Engaged

Today, a mobile strategy is fundamental for virtually every business, driving increased productivity, speed and responsiveness. Indeed, 62% of Fortune 500 companies use mobile communications while 58% already have mobile applications*.

* "Enterprise Messaging: Powering Customer Engagement Through Mobile Messaging", Informa UK Ltd, January 2014

The mass proliferation of smartphones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi, mobile broadband and virtual private networks (VPNs) mean that it’s now business as usual for those on the move. Employees, customers, and all the other people a business reaches are now ready to interact at all hours, wherever they are, on their mobile device.

Capturing every opportunity and achieving competitive advantage means being always ready to respond by the means the recipient wants. But to achieve that nowadays, enterprises have to make their organisations simple to interact with, offering the most valuable suite of services for mobile devices by installing next-generation communication technology, so they can be reached anywhere, anyplace and by any method.

  • Capture the zeitgeist: deliver value in new ways by tapping into new consumer trends or behaviours. For example, just by making them available via a mobile app many retailers have improved the convenience and popularity of their loyalty schemes, as customers no longer need to carry separate affinity cards.
  • Streamline process: identify solutions that offer increased customer value, while also reducing business costs. For example, warehouses that send reply-paid text messages asking customers to confirm whether they will collect their package today provide a useful, free service to customers, while also dramatically reducing the warehouses’ stock-moving effort and expenses.
  • Focus on ROI: when possible, introduce mobility first where payback is greatest, and maximise economies of scale in procurement, training, support and security. Taking a comprehensive view that traces operations from the end-user right to the heart of the Enterprise is the key to unlocking untapped ROI.
  • Look forward: mobility is a long-term strategic tool that is both a highly personal delivery mechanism and powerful promotional channel. While capitalising on its cost and efficiency benefits today, its potential for achieving future goals should also be considered as part of overall business strategy.

The Mobile and the messages you give may well lead to a key defining experience, and Enterprises that are intent on maximizing performance should incorporate mobile communication with their users as a fundamental component of their strategic plans.

of Fortune 500 companies use mobile communications
of Fortune 500 companies already have mobile applications*.

* "Enterprise Messaging: Powering Customer Engagement Through Mobile Messaging", Informa UK Ltd, January 2014


Deliver Immersive Value

What makes your brand stand out

Deliver Immersive Value

Mobile technology offers the most effective way to engage your users directly, and deliver your brand proposition right into the palm of their hands. Providing an outstanding mobile user experience encourages greater loyalty, increases interaction and demand, and will also potentially win you new customers through word of mouth.

But what exactly does an outstanding mobile user experience look like?

Above all, give people what they want. Immerse your users in powerful features that give them easy and trouble-free access to the practical things they expect – whether that’s information sharing, shopping, special offers, community messaging, or anything else that’s of interest.

For a bank, for example, it might mean displaying account balances and providing the ability to make fund-transfers, but it would also involve strong security and user-authentication. Airlines might provide timetable updates and flight reminders, and also provide boarding passes. Retailers might distribute e-vouchers and make special on-the-spot promotional offers to in-store mobile users.

Brands that can successfully create a sense of digital disruption, either by providing powerful mobile capabilities that far surpass anything offered by competitors, or by including something that captures users’ imaginations, are the ones that take their markets to the next level.

Indeed, as a mechanism for extending the reach of any brand, the most powerful feature of any mobile app is its ability to make people talk about how “cool” it is. It’s therefore crucial to deliver immersive value for end users in as exciting a way possible.

Source: (Slide 23 – McKinsey Data)


Innovate to Accelerate

Delivering what’s next

Innovate to Accelerate

Innovation is the key driver of competitive advantage. Whether it’s cutting costs to increase profitability, developing new products to create surges in demand, transforming customer service to improve loyalty, or any other advantage – innovation is key to accelerated growth.

This is true for all industry and particularly visible in the world of technology, where innovation can drive rapid, revolutionary advances. The rapid adoption of touch-screen smartphones and proliferation of apps are compelling recent examples, which came to dominate over a relatively short period of time. Seemingly overnight, these powerful mobile computers, capable of running highly sophisticated applications, have found their way into over 1 billion pockets worldwide, and the companies who embrace new efficiencies and possibilities have experienced exceptional growth.

Innovation can be driven through every area of business – from business practices and processes to new product development; from technology adoption to how services are delivered, and from ways of working with partners to how products are taken to market. To win in today’s digital world, we all have to embrace innovation and embrace the mobile mind shift – whether this is opening up our technology and assets, to incremental innovation – and building on what is already in play today and capturing that imagination.

Touching all business points:

Improvements can have a transformative effect. The new digital world has created opportunities to re-think everything, whether you’re starting from scratch or re-modeling what already exists:

  • Dare to be different: history shows us that most successful innovators are those who successfully challenge established paradigms and create new market norms.
  • Mobile point of view: think about how to use mobile technologies to make life easier for all the people your business reaches, including customers and employees.
  • Innovation is the new normal: in mobile, it’s all new. The very oldest technologies are no more than about 20 years old, and today’s “leading edge” will soon be “standard”.
  • First mover advantage: the pace of innovation will be how rapidly you can deliver new benefits to your business – or how fast you can catch up after your competitors do it.

The many different capabilities provided by mobile technologies are powerful enablers of innovation, and their use can deliver strong competitive advantages.

“It is our belief that we should bring innovation to the forefront of our business – bring innovation to our technology and services development, bring innovation into business models, bring innovation to our customers and bring innovation to our internal processes – and that is what Acision is doing.”

Adolfo Hernandez Chief Executive, Acision

Examples of innovation in Enterprise

Innovation example

Airbnb, Inc offers both SMS and instant messaging to help guests connect with their host, and Airbnb now has more nightly bookings in a year than all Hilton brands combined – adapting tried and tested technology to innovate.


Develop to Innovate

Exploiting today’s technology to develop tomorrow’s services

Develop to Innovate

Keeping up with the rapid pace of innovation means cutting traditional, lengthy development cycles down to what today’s market demands. Fortunately, using the right technologies, it’s now possible to build, test and launch powerful new mobile services to customers in weeks, not years.

Cloud-based technology, open APIs, comprehensive SDKs, and modern, lightweight development techniques make it much easier – and profoundly less costly – to create new applications.

Modern IaaS (infrastructure as a service) solutions mean you can provision exactly the right amount of cloud-based resources to provide exceptional service to end users, yet also keep capital expenditure and risk to a minimum. That makes it easier to prototype services both from a technical and commercial perspective, trialing demand among targeted customer segments while also testing system robustness. Cloud-based technologies also make it easier and far more cost-effective for distributed teams of developers to collaborate and work together.

Connecting your Stakeholders

Connecting your Stakeholders

Many APIs and SDKs exist that give developers a strong head start in building all kinds of powerful new solutions for the various different mobile devices. Developers can use these to quickly investigate new ideas, experiment, and create innovative services for end users. For example, Acision’s open API enables sophisticated messaging, voice, video and WebRTC functionality to be built on top of enterprises’ and operators’ own business systems, while our SDK enables developers to seamlessly integrate those services with apps on end users’ mobile devices.

All the infrastructure components that you choose for application development are crucially important:

  • Key features: choose tools that definitely deliver what you want on your chosen devices. For example, if you need both SMS and IP-based messaging together, Acision’s API is currently unique in being able to deliver this, and has SDKs for both Google Android and Apple iOS.
  • Usability: consider how easy the solution will be to work with, and whether it has integrated billing, device context and management, and other value-added capabilities.
  • Reach: if you need to scale your application to many users, especially when they’re spread out, geographic reach is critical.
  • Here today, here tomorrow: choose partners that you can believe in for the long-term, with established technology and track records.
  • Reliability: Acision’s history as a highly-scaled, highly-secure hosted environment helps keep your customer data secure in the cloud.

Increasingly, there are also trends towards providing usage-based pricing models, where platform costs are based on value, keeping developer risks to an absolute minimum.

Market Opportunities

Taping into the mobile world is an incredible opportunity for all businesses. As per the Forrester’s Forrsights Networks and Telecommunications Survey, companies are trying to mobilise support across their ecosystem: employees, customers and partners.

What are your top strategic network and telecommunication priorities in the next 12 months?

What are your top strategic network and telecommunication priorities in the next 12 months?

With this in mind, opening up technology APIs and SDKs to developers can ensure the best elements of mobile communication can be integrated into the best approach for mobile engagement.

By using open communication APIs and SDKs for messaging, apps, and connectivity tools, almost anyone can access services, create communication applications and add services to pre-existing applications.

So as a developer, you can integrate the very best communication solutions into your design and create the very best experience for users.

Developer Innovation in Rich Communications

Growth in Developers Integrating Communications into Their Apps (2013-2016)

Popular Types of Applications Developed (2014)

Why Mobile?

  • A2P messaging will continue to grow
  • Over 1.40 trillion A2P SMS messages will be transacted globally in 2013, and this will grow to 2.19 trillion messages by 2018*
  • Enterprises are looking to reduce costs and but increase effectiveness and mobile engagement is an optimum mechanism to do this

Source: Ovum


Acision Enterprise

Forge more connections and conversations

Acision Enterprise – forge by Acision

Acision’s enterprise comprises of three interoperable service components that cover the full spectrum of mobility requirements for enterprises and our community of developers.

Forge by Acision: full-featured, enterprise-grade cloud communications API that’s unique in being able to deliver interoperable SMS and IP-based messaging together, along with voice and WebRTC.

  • fuseMe by Acision: highly customizable, white-label client application for Android and iOS devices – delivering integrated SMS, IP messaging and chat, voice, video, web-browsing, ‘share my view’, drag and drop functionality and WebRTC, providing a truly engaging user experience. Download at the App store. Download at Google Play.
  • WebRTC: integrated real-communication capabilities for apps, web and mobile browsers, with functions for messaging; voice and video sessions; conferencing, and much more.

Together, these provide tools for operators, enterprises and developers that cover every stage of interaction between an organization and mobile end users, and also provide powerful business intelligence on behaviour.

Our service to Operators

Our services to operators, enterprises, and developers

Why Acision?

  • Global footprint and support model
  • Quality of service – “carrier grade” DNA
  • Combining SMS, with IP messaging and voice
  • Easy to use API and SDKs
  • Leading innovators
  • We help Enterprises reach customers
  • 20 year history in messaging
  • Delivering over 2 trillion messages per year serving over 3 billion subscribers
  • Highly secure, reliable infrastructure
  • Variety of channels
  • Variety of communication channels

Today’s communication challenges

  • Cost of SMS can be high
  • Consumers are using a variety of channels
  • Traditional aggregators are increasingly not meeting the needs of Enterprise customers
    – Grey routes
    – Failed message delivery
  • Enterprises are looking for more sophisticated, secure and reliable communication options
Our product ecosystem

Our product ecosystem


Forge by Acision – API framework – messaging, voice and WebRTC

Forge by Acision, provides progressive communication APIs giving both enterprise and developers the power to create communication applications of the future. Built on technology from Acision, it is an easy, self-service way to integrate communication APIs and SDKs into your business model.
Find out more

    Acision has repurposed its secure, reliable carrier-grade telecommunication solutions and services into simple to use APIs and SDKs.

    Forge creates the opportunity for accelerated application development, streamlining the activation process on solutions and develop the business.

    • Forge connections – send and receive messages, exchange files, multimedia content and initiate voice services directly from a mobile application or web services – from SMS to IP messaging and/or VoIP.
    • Access Acision’s messaging and voice toolkit including WebRTC SDK and REST APIs – enabling messaging and voice to be built directly into any type of application or service
  • Leverage Acision’s native Android and iOS SDK – providing a powerful SDK enabling developers to quickly and easily build rich communication into their applications
  • Acess Acision’s white-label, rich communication client, FuseMe – for rapid app deployment and a superior user experience.
Forge by Acision

Forge by Acision click here to learn more


fuseMe by Acision, advanced OTT communication service

fuseMe by Acision is client that can be white-labelled for the enterprise. It can also be embedded into your messaging components with its open SDK, which means a business can completely own the communication medium.

For more information on FuseMe by Acision, please visit the fuseMe website or click here

Our product portfolio

Our product portfolio


Voice and Call Control – WebRTC integration into FuseMe and Forge

The WebRTC platform provides advanced capabilities for developers to implement IP-based voice and video sessions, conferencing, messaging, presence, data channel, screen sharing, document sharing, and much more within their web or device applications.

Acision Crocodile

Acision SDK

Use cases

The Next Gen

The Next Generation of Communication

  • Group Messaging: Enable consumers and enterprise customers to send messages to many people at once, and enable them to communicate with each other as part of a community. With group messaging, you can share ideas and documents between colleagues, or distribute information to keep an entire audience informed and up-to-date.
  • Mobile Authentication: Apply more dependable security to users’ logins by guaranteeing them with temporary, one-time passwords delivered to their mobile phones. Users’ valid mobile phone numbers serve as a reliable additional layer of identification to authenticate new passwords.
  • Reminders and Confirmations: Cut out wasted effort and co-ordinate resources more effectively by sending out reminders and inviting people to confirm their intent. Well-considered messaging applications mean you can reduce missed appointments, or ensure that you prepare stock only for confirmed customer collections.
  • Intelligent Messaging: Minimise costs yet maximise reliability with Acision’s intelligent channel routing. You can send an instant, low-cost message to all the people connected to your mobile application, yet have peace of mind that it will still reach everyone else via SMS.
  • Anonymous SMS: Ensure users can receive messages, without disclosing your internal business details, by sending them messages from a different number to your usual one. Alternatively, broker messages between your users to keep their identities secret from each other, for dating or auction bidding for example.
  • IM Chat and IP Push: Build sophisticated apps that include near-instant messaging, even when people are away from the internet, and also provide the ability to push rich media to them. That ensures real-time messaging for those on the move, plus delivery of supporting documents.

Acision Device Support

  • Mobile App: Quickly go to market with your own fully-branded, feature-rich messaging app that delivers an optimized, intelligent communication experience to users, while also helping you generate new sources of revenue from premium content delivery.
  • Mobile SDK: Embed advanced messaging capabilities at the heart of your own applications with Acision’s mobile SDK – enabling intelligent and interoperable SMS, IP-based messaging and file-sharing across a global, operator-grade, secure network.

The Acision Advantage

  • Global, Carrier-Grade Platform: Choose a communication platform from a service provider which has more than 20 years’ experience in innovation, a global base of customers, and the ability to guarantee a high quality of service.
  • Instant, Always-On Availability: Access the always-available Forge platform at any time to launch, update and improve your applications instantly. And deliver your services around the clock from an API that can intelligently route messaging for maximum success.

Supercharge your ROI

Getting the most value from your mobile strategy

Supercharge your ROI

Once you start to embed mobile technology at the heart of your business operations, its benefits are likely to encourage yet more mobile adoption, creating ever-greater profitability and supercharging ROI.

Each individual mobile project should be a tactical initiative that creates specific value for your users or business and has a net positive effect on profitability. That extra profitability might come from reduced operating costs, increased sales, additional revenue from new mobile services, safeguarding your income for the long term through customer loyalty, among others.

As well as these individual initiatives, it’s also a good idea to have a number of overall business goals to work towards. These might be grand objectives along the lines of “transfer 80% of post-sale customer enquiries to mobile within the next two years”; “develop $10,000 of additional annual revenue from mobile-based sales by 2018”, or “save 30% on shipping fees by confirming deliveries in advance via mobile”. This strategic vision ensures that all individual mobility projects are aimed at tangible business goals, and that gimmicks and distractions are avoided.


  • Make better, more profitable decisions
  • Adjust your service offering to suit users
  • Tap into new market opportunities
  • Achieve business goals more effectively
  • Supercharge returns on investment

Every new win will compound the profitability gains of each of the other successful mobility initiatives, potentially also enabling greater functionality. Similar technologies that are used across different projects can be better integrated to create new economies and add yet more value. And, with IaaS and cloud technologies, your mobility initiatives will potentially be able to utilize, extend and prolong the life of pre-existing fixed technical infrastructure.

Moreover, sophisticated modern data analytics make it possible to track and measure every aspect of performance, and your mobile audience’s behaviour. The business intelligence that can be derived from that data can help you precisely monitor performance against targets. That means you will be able to make better, more profitable decisions; adjust your service offering and capabilities to better suit users’ needs; tap into new opportunities, and more effectively achieve your overall goals.

In short, mobile technology enables your business to supercharge ROI by taking the value added by individual tactical projects, compounding it with other initiatives through an overall strategic vision, and relentlessly reviewing that vision according to precise usage data and feedback.

Enterprise and Data Analytics

The need for targeted and efficient enterprise messaging is obvious. Mass messaging or communication to entire enterprise CRMs for customer dialogue, offerings and promotions can lead to unnecessary cost, wasted cash and unsatisfied customers. Data analytics plays a big role solving these issues.

Intelligent messaging solutions for enterprises reduce cost per message, improves customer experience and increases upsell potential by automatically identifying:

  • When is the best time to communicate with the customers
  • Who are most likely to respond to an offer or promotion
  • Which customers are passive and feel annoyed by the unnecessary messages

In addition to all above, intelligent messaging solutions like that from Acision, help enterprises to identify the global and local trends in messaging in different regions, cities, countries and continents, building a full view on how customer dialogue is perceived by different type of consumers.

Make sure your solution includes:


Intelligent routing

Enables automated selection of the cheapest channel to communicate with the consumer.

  • Selection is based on available channels for individual users
    – SMS
    – Acision Client
    – 3rd party OTT Client

Intelligent filtering

  • Enables automated selection of target consumers that are likely to respond to the message.
    – Selection is based on individual customer behaviour history.

Campaign targeting

  • Identifies which customers, when and where are likely to respond to a selected campaign.
  • Improves the cross-sell/upsell potential with reduced cost.

Campaign optimization

  • Enables campaign performance monitoring in real-time.
  • Allows the enterprises to streamline the selected channels and content for ongoing campaigns.

Global messaging experience

  • By understanding how messaging services are being used in different regions, countries and continents, enterprises can plan for and optimize their marketing budgets.

Brand and keyword tracking

  • By tracking date, enterprises can focus marketing efforts on regions where brand awareness or interest is declining.

Why Acision?

Offering a unique mobile strategy

Why Acision?

The businesses that achieve the greatest success in innovating with mobile services will be the ones that most quickly realise change, reaching far beyond the limits of their organisations, while cultivating close “precision relationships” with appropriate service providers.

Working with the right partners is essential. As well as helping you develop and launch services faster, they will help you increase returns on investment, reduce risk, and make better overall decisions.

When engaged at the right level, an effective partner can help you optimize infrastructure costs and identify operational economies of scale. They will be able to guide you in decisions about the best ways to achieve business objectives, the right solutions for your needs, and also offer proven, dependable technology. Finally, and crucially, they can also deliver the precise analytic information you need to track performance against strategic goals, and to identify new market opportunities.

There are five key things to consider as you move closer to a strategic mobile partnership:

  • Security: be clear on the range of security features offered (VPN, SSH, role-based access etc) and be completely confident of your partner’s competence.
  • Control: understand and agree the roles and responsibilities of each party, and who has access and control.
  • Analytic capabilities: consider your partner’s capabilities in campaign tracking, message delivery and data export, and – above all – be certain you can get the information you need.
  • Technology: know exactly what technical capabilities you are gaining access to, and what’s on your partner’s roadmap.
  • Proven experience: be absolutely confident they are the right partner, they can genuinely meet your needs, and that they feel right.

Reaching beyond your organization with the right strategic mobile partner is the most effective way to quickly achieve the transformative potential of mobility.

The most important criteria in selecting an enterprise mobile communications partner

  1. One stop shop – 40%
  2. Analytics – 20%
  3. Security – 20%
  4. Control – 20%

Informa: "Enterprise messaging: Powering customer engagement through mobile messaging"

Use Cases

Call Centres

Bring your brand to life, increase satisfaction and loyalty, and reduce costs by creating apps that act as interactive hubs and deliver a range of services to your customers – from special offers and promotions, to providing information, help and support.

Cable Operator

Create an extra dimension to your customer service by providing users with a mobile app that puts them in control of their package options, and generates additional revenue by providing value-added content and promotional information.

Financial Institutions

Achieve more secure and reliable connections with your customers by providing them with a mobile app that offers cost-effective IP-based messaging with fall back to highly reliable SMS. Data and push technologies offer greater scope for cross-selling, renewal, retention and other marketing efforts.

FuseMe the new app from Acision


Essential Mobile Messages

Summary Section

Essential Mobile Messages

The rapid adoption of mobile technology by users has created a wealth of opportunities for Enterprises. Mobile audiences are highly responsive, with more than three quarters of people within reach of their mobile phone for at least ten hours a day, and over 90 per cent reading messages within 15 minutes*.

* "Enterprise Messaging: Powering Customer Engagement Through Mobile Messaging", Informa UK Ltd, January 2014

The Acision Enterprise Gameplan has been created to inspire structured thinking around how mobility can enable your Enterprise to exploit this readiness to engage. These are its six key recommendations.


Integrate "seamless mobile" into your organization

Mobility is a long-term strategic asset, not just a tactical tool. When embedded at the heart of your business, reaching out to a user-base of customers and employees, it may well be your brand’s key defining experience.


Immerse customers in your brand

One of the defining strengths of mobile technology is its ability to deliver your brand proposition right into the palm of people’s hands. Mobile apps that provide rich and highly personalised user experiences can cement customer loyalty and increase the reach of your brand.


Innovate to Accelerate

Dare to be different – that’s the whole point. All mobility is new and innovation is the name of the game. Today’s standard services were leading-edge only a little while ago, and being competitive often means being first to market with the features your customers demand.


Develop to Innovate

Modern, cloud-based app development approaches are far more flexible; enable you to pilot new features more easily and launch new services faster, and all at much lower overall cost.


Engineer mobility into your business for stronger returns on investment

Mobile technology adoption can optimize operations and reduce costs, enabling you to achieve stronger returns on your infrastructure and investments. Moreover, from an operational perspective, it enables close monitoring of your audience’s behaviour, so you can adjust your service offering and capabilities to better suit users’ needs, and achieve your objectives.


Develop a "precision relationship" with a trusted mobile partner

The enterprises that succeed in mobility will be the ones that most quickly realise it reaches far beyond the limits of their own organizations, and cultivate close, strategic, operational partnerships with appropriate service providers.

The Acision Enterprise includes tools that cover every stage of interaction between an organization and its mobile end users; provides strong business intelligence, and covers the full spectrum of enterprise mobility requirements.

In the hands of mobile

More than three quarters of people are within reach of their mobile phone for at least ten hours a day, and over 90 per cent read messages within 15 minutes.

The End

Age of the Consumer

Age of the Consumer

*Forrester Research

iPhone Chart

iPhone Chart

Samsung Chart

Samsung Chart
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Connecting your Stakeholders

Connecting your Stakeholders

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What are your top strategic network and telecommunication priorities in the next 12 months?

What are your top strategic network and telecommunication priorities in the next 12 months?

Our services to operators, enterprises, and developers

Our service to Operators

Our product ecosystem

Our product ecosystem

What makes FuseMe stand out from other OTT offerings?

What makes Fuze stand out from other OTT offerings?

Forge by Acision

Forge by Acision

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Acision SDK

Acision Crocodile

The Next Generation of Communication

The Next Gen

The Next Gen

The Next Gen

The Next Gen

The Next Gen
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Acision Enterprise

FuseMe & Forge by Acision

FuseMe the new app from Acision

How to navigate on Acision mobile gameplan

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Growth in Developers Integrating Communications into Their Apps (2013-2016)

Developers Integrating Communications into Their Apps Segmented by Communications Service: 2013-2016

Popular Types of Applications Developed (2014)

Types of Applications Developed by Survey Respondents