One of the biggest challenges of the connected, mobile economy is reliable authentication and identification. Xura's two-factor authentication solution provides the utmost security for enterprises across users’ mobile devices.

two factor authentication

Xura's two-factor authentication service offers a high degree of security for a broad spectrum of application scenarios. By sending an SMS code over a separate mobile channel, a company can better verify a user's identity. Mobile TAN procedures (mTAN) are regularly used in e-banking services worldwide to further verify entry and access permissions.


2fa diagram

secure and reliable

Specialising in secure mobile support for enterprises, Xura's authentication solutions comply with the highest requirements in coverage, availability, security and performance – documented in relevant SLA agreements, auditing and external certification from a well-known organisation.

simple steps

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides unambiguous identification for a user, by tying together a previously registered phone number and having that device present at the time of log in. 2FA can be done only when it's deemed necessary to require a second step, such as gaining access to confidential information, or if a user is not accessing a site from their expected IP address. A specific code is sent to the user by text message, and by entering that code into a web or app, the user can gain access.

key benefits

Available worldwide | Easy integration with external employees, such as consultants | Possibility of temporary access, with the same levels of security | Simple and secure technical integration