When combined with the forge platform, forgeAS adds richer possibilities so that developers can create middleware, introduce server-side logic and orchestrate custom communication experiences.

extensive library

The Node.js (JavaScript) environment provided by forgeAS makes it easy to use forge features (messaging, presence, WebRTC, voice, video and more) on servers. The entire npm ecosystem is available to developers, making it possible to build innovative mash-ups using services from multiple providers. With forgeAS, developers can implement custom business logic for advanced functions like call-routing, integrating with 3rd party media servers and interfacing with different technologies.

middleware and business logic

Developers wanting to implement their own middleware and server-side business logic can now do so with forgeAS.  A call centre may require customised call and messaging queuing and routing, or another app may need to interact with a billing API to charge for a premium video-chat service. Using forgeAS, developers can implement exactly the routing logic they require, including interfacing with 3rd party or their own databases and back-end systems.


forgeAS enables interoperability to be added outside of the forge core-network (making these developments easier and lower risk).  To achieve the desired consumer experience, an app may need to interface to RCS or Matrix equipment through a forgeAS instance, or it may connect to other functions using a 3rd party or legacy systems / app servers. An app could connect to Salesforce to show certain data to meeting/chat participants, connect to a media server to stream data to just one participant, or connect to a PSTN network.  forgeAS makes this possible and is ready to serve as the gateway into the IoT (Internet-of-Things) world, enabling forgeAS apps to control smart devices.

flexibility and scalability

Your forgeAS instances can be hosted in your cloud/premises or by Xura, whether it’s hosting yourself for security reasons or integration preferences, or hosted in Xura’s cloud so you don’t have to worry about scaling your service according to demand. forgeAS has been designed with simplicity in mind: the same way you can embed our forge SDK client easily in your apps with ease.  With a few lines of code, you can implement a simple bot, log all activities, or even store conversations in your own database. All you need is a NodeJS server (free and open source) and a ForgeAS key that you can obtain on the forge developers portal. By allowing multiple instances of the Application Server to run the same application, forgeAS adds scalability and resilience to your deployment.

added security

Compatible with Amazon Web Services ElasticBeanstalk, forgeAS offers flexibility in the way applications and services can be deployed. For example, recorded sessions can be stored in a company's data centre to meet regulatory requirements (i.e. healthcare). Or for other use-cases, developers can architect their service so that media is only available unencrypted at specific end-points and within their own infrastructure.

intelligent traffic and media management

Your forgeAS app can be configured to receive a copy of your forge app traffic (presence, messaging, and audio/video signalling) enabling you to create customised monitoring and recording solutions. You could configure the forgeAS to send traffic as a bot (automated user), enabling the forgeAS to act as a delegate for a variety of purposes: automatic translation, speech-to-text or text-to-speech, recording, legal intercept, etc. Businesses could also use forgeAS to broadcast translations of ongoing conversation or broadcast some media (video for instance) to all participants of an ongoing conversation.

custom application logging

forgeAS offers customizable logging, so that applications can be monitored in the most efficient way. Our default setting prints logs at a console station, but this can be changed by implementing an alternative logging interface. Developers can integrate the forge SDK into whatever existing management/monitoring/alarming/big-data platforms are already being utilized at their company.

advanced architecture

The forgeAS architecture provides flexibility in the way companies connect, monitor and deploy their applications and services. With forgeAS, our goal is to help developers innovate quickly and continually build and scale new rich communication features.