Whether it’s to reduce the reliance on 1-800 numbers, or to provide a faster call resolution, forge’s voice services leverage WebRTC technology and are easy to deploy via our APIs and SDKs.

easy-to-implement features

With forge by Xura, rich communication features can be rapidly deployed on top of your website or mobile apps using our suite of APIs and SDKs. For a limited time, developers get a free production account for 90 days. In addition to voice, video, IP messaging and SMS fallback, we offer presence, group messaging and recording. 

high quality and efficient

Our APIs and SDKs allow for direct contact between browsers and mobile apps and enable pixel perfect video chat sessions over 4G, LTE or WiFi. During a voice or video call, contextual consumer data can be passed to agents, saving time. A faster response resolution saves companies money and increases customer satisfaction.

anonymous calling

Anonymous calling enables both parties to connect directly without the use of phone numbers, allowing for additional privacy.

secure, cloud-based solution

Secured by the Amazon VPS (Virtual Private Cloud) environment, our storage and protocols keeps enterprise security in mind. Leverage the Xura Cloud to store recordings or have recording done on premise (at the site of your choice). In the former, your files are uploaded to an S3 compatible storage giving you great flexibility in terms of the cost, location and security. In the latter, the files are added to your server’s local disk, giving companies complete control over what to do with them next..

mobile SDK

To add rich B2B and B2C communication capabilities to mobile and web apps, the forge SDK fits the bill. Companies can quickly deploy seamless services, such as presence-enabled click-to-video chat and group messaging.

audio session control

Our API’s allow calls within your network, anywhere in the world. We can terminate calls on fixed lines, mobile networks and open networks.