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Global leader in mobile messaging

Secure SMS + IP messaging

Email-SMS integration

Cost and security optimised routing to over 800 operator connections worldwide

Available as a cloud or private cloud solution

Innovation assured – with SMS, voice and video chat options from a single provider

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Xura is the global leader in next generaton communication services with over a 20 year history. Via our Forge by Xura suite of services, we are providing secure SMS, two-factor authentication and secure instant messaging services to some of the world’s leading financial institutions. We are also pioneering next-generation video and voice communication products that enable richer, more intelligent communication between businesses and consumers.


Xura powers a suite of next-gen communication services that facilitate more efficient interactions between businesses and consumers – from secure text and instant-messaging to voice calls and video chat. Forge by Xura is a suite of smart communications products designed to help financial services providers build additional two-way communication channels with their customers.

Flexible Service Offerings

forge by Xura offers a suite of secure messaging services plus infrastructure to help financial services providers alert and authenticate end-users and engage in two-way conversations with their customers.

two-factor authentication

Authenticate registered users with a pin code sent to their mobile device. Once registered, if fraud is suspected, a code can be sent to their mobile phone, and that same code must be entered to access secure information. Once their identity is verified, text messaging can also be used to retrieve lost passcodes.

global messaging

In addition to enabling voice and video interaction, our global messaging platform can be used to send alerts, reminders, verify user-identity and bridge the conversation from a desktop to a mobile device. Xura’s 20 year history in messaging and 40% messaging market share gives us the ability to offer carrier-grade infrastructure to serve large enterprise customers

scalable & future proof

Forge by Xura has invested in helping to create the ‘wow’ moments using WebRTC technology. This configurable functionality can be added to a provider’s mobile app, and set up so that only signed-in, VIP customers can initiate a voice or video call, for example. Coupled with biometric data, if a customer logs into their account and fraud is suspected, they can press a button on their app to speak with an agent who can better authenticate their identity in a personalized and disarming way.

security & performance

Our enterprise services are hosted in state-of-the-art computing centres (certified acc. ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001). IP messaging is secured using DTLS-SRTP, which is the best-of-breed, most up-to-date, mechanism. All of our signalling and control messages are REST and WebSocket based and use HTTPS (TLS). The network is designed to be horizontally scalable and redundant. The network is hosted in the geo-redundant ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centres, which are regularly audited in the course of large financial institutions services.

device support

For our secure messaging services, we reach 800 carrier networks and any device that supports a text message. Forge supports all standard protocols: SMPP, UCP, HTTP/S and email. Our SDK supports sophisticated voice, video and IP messaging interactions on iOS and Android (native library for apps), Chrome and Firefox browsers (using WebRTC), and Internet Explorer and Safari (using a browser plug-in).

*1 According to research by YouGov and commissioned by Intelligent Environments, based on a survey of 2000 UK bank customers in February 2013

*2 As noted by consulting firm WebRTC Strategies

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