The mass proliferation of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and anywhere accessible WiFi, means that it’s now business as usual for anyone on the move. From planes, to trains, and automobiles (taxis), you are never too far from a WiFi connection, which we can connect to using one of our many devices. This always on, always connected world we are now accustomed to has significantly influenced the rapid evolution of how businesses engage and interact with their target audiences.

Today, having a mobility strategy is a fundamental requirement for virtually every business, to drive increased productivity, speed and another-level of responsiveness across engagement models. Indeed, 62% of Fortune 500 companies use mobile communications to interact already, while 58% use mobile applications to communicate with smart device users*. It is clear that businesses need to embrace this opportunity, while simultaneously working with communication providers to ensure interoperability and security solutions that work across a range of platforms – from SMS to IP to Web!
We live in a digital world where customers expect to be able to access information at any time, and furthermore engage at some level of service through their mobile device. Capturing every opportunity to connect and achieve competitive advantage means being readily available to respond to your audience when and where they want.

The all-in-one smart communication app fuseMe by Xura

fuseMe by Xura enhances enterprise mobile engagement, by providing a single application interface for sophisticated in and outbound consumer interaction and marketing. With a rich set of next-generation services and features such as: video chat, IP messaging, group messaging and voice, fuseMe also provides real-time exchange of images or video files, in addition to presence detection and the option to build out direct channels for interactive communication, community building, promotions, surveys, blogs, notifications, newsfeeds, notifications and other programs – all endless opportunities for engagement. In fact, it does all of this, while simultaneously providing the same level of security, quality of service, and support as trusted mobile operator services.

Available on any Apple or Android smart device, fuseMe by Xuramoffers a far richer 2-way user experience than any other market application, while providing significant cost-savings on global communications and campaigns. Companies can launch differentiated services quickly, and watch measurable increases in efficiency, cost-reduction and improved customer retention through engagement, all from one communication application.

61 percent of customers aged 18 to 30 want a whats app style customer service

IP messaging

Enables 2-way messaging with single or groups of users across you target audience to drive new levels of engagement and marketing. If a user needs to reach you via chat, it is easy to do with fuseMe.

voice and video calling (VoIP)

Users can make and receive calls with single and multi-users for free from all over the world, when on a data or WiFi network. Also, by adding a click-to-talk functionality, with Xura’s WebRTC technology, users can have direct access to call centre agents or service engineers.

group chat

Create group chats and message exchange with consumer communities and followers, with promotions and videos for added marketing.


See if your registered app user base is on or offline.


Built on the same technology systems used in operator networks, fuseMe provides features that are not only superior in quality, but secure at the same time.

sms fallback

Consolidate your comms from one application, by sending messages via the fuseMe client to a non-users in your contact database. Non-users receive as SMS. SMS replies can be delivered back to the fuseMe application (via IP).

split screen mode

Activate a multi-screen view so you communicate with your target audience, and they can communicate with you while quickly sharing content, through the apps drag and drop functionality.

message search

User can search messages to quickly find a conversation, contact or keyword from the fuseMe message history.


Where needed, authenticate registered users with a pin code sent to their mobile device. Once registered, that same code must be entered to access any secure information. Good for financial institutions.

rich media sharing

Where needed, authenticate registered users with a pin code sent to their mobile device. Once registered, that same code must be entered to access any secure information. Good for financial institutions.

share my view

Users can start a one-way IP video session to share live video of their real-time view, ideal for troubleshooting.

enterprise content channels & RSS feeds

Keep users informed with feeds, blogs, and channels all integrated from within your app. Create custom lists, so you can build communities based on their interests and how they want to stay up to date with your brand. This creates a seamless viewing experience for users by eliminating the need to click in and out of the app.

location enabled

Location access can be granted via permissions upon registering with fuseMe. Activating allows users to share GPS location if needed. For a high-street retailers this is ideal for targeted promotions.

integrated web browser

By giving access to a browser, you can provide direct access to your company website all within the fuseMe app.

your customised solution

Send targeted messages to specific user groups; whether it’s a daily deal, a product has shipped, or a new item is available.

Using our secure web portal, enterprises can access key metrics such as call lengths, conversions, response rates, received and read, call queuing and cost breakdown information, great for promotional campaigns. As part of our professional service offering, Xura can also integrate into enterprise CRM tools / other custom databases to ensure that the communication tools enabled, meet business objectives and drive measurable outcomes.

File transfers offer real-time and secure information exchange with customers.

Customers can share real-time one-way video stream. Provide next level service and enable timely troubleshooting solutions through the “Share My View” feature.

Xura's WebRTC technology enables enterprises to communicate with customers by voice or video chat (if enabled). This configurable functionality can be accessed via fuseMe. For a bank for example, if a user logs into their account and fraud is suspected, they can speak with an agent who can better authenticate their identity in a more personalised, disarming way.

Communication history is synced across multiple devices; fuseMe is supported on mobile phones, tablets across iOS and Android operating systems, so users can always stay in touch.

To help reduce costs and ensure timely delivery, send messages interchangeably via SMS or IP Message (instant message). If the user isn’t logged in to their app, they’ll receive a text message instead.

Through location based services, and tracking user activity cross and up-sell to customers by offering relevant promotions or updates on products.

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