Frequently Asked Questions

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You have questions about how to use the trustego app? Don’t look any further than this! We have compiled for you the most frequently asked questions and answered them right away.

Is the transmission of messages secure?

Yes! All trustego messages are encrypted. The degree of encryption depends on your mobile device. The system supports up to 256-bit encoding. Additionally, the trustego app is certified by TÜV Rheinland (Germany’s major auditing authority) to receive mobile PINs for ebanking. We recommend activating the security code on your smartphone to protect the data you receive.

What about the mobile phone number I provided at registration?

Your registration details such as your mobile phone number are solely used to authenticate and activate your trustego account enabling you to receive secure messages.

Who can send messages to my trustego inbox?

You will receive only messages from companies you registered your mobile phone number with. These companies will use trustego as an additional channel to send you messages. Typical trustego messages address gate changes for sour flight, PINs for ebanking, passwords and one-time passes, notifications about the delivery status of your orders.

Why do I receive the message via SMS?

In case a trustego message could not be received via mobile internet, you will receive the message via SMS. This might happen, when your online data connection is not available or data roaming is disabled.

Why is it not possible to register my mobile phone number?

Please check if you have selected the correct country and entered your mobile phone number correctly. The format of a correctly entered phone number would look like this:  017112345678

Why is it not possible to save and archive messages?

Due to security reasons some messages may only be valid for a predefined time frame.

Why do some messages dissapear even though they have been added to the archive?

Due to security reasons some messages may only be valid for a predefined time frame.

Why do I receive trustego messages from providers that sent SMS before?

Many companies prefer the highly secure and more cost-efficient way of delivering confidential messages trustego provides.

What do I do if I don’t want to receive any more messages via trustego?

In case you do not need highly secure data delivery any more, please uninstall the trustego app.

I do not receive any more messages.

Please check in your mobile phone settings whether you have allowed trustego to receive messages (Settings > messages for trustego > allow trustego messages)

What mobile OS are supported?

trustego can be run on Android 2.2 and later and on IOS 4.1 and later.